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Gujarat Tourism Information

Gujarat is a well developed industrial sate of India. It is one of the most diverse states in India. Gujarat derives its name from the word ‘Gujaratta’. Gujaratta means the land of gurjars. Gujarat is bounded by the Arabian Sea in the west, by Rajasthan in the north and northeast, by Madhya Pradesh in the east and by Maharashtra in the south and south east. The state has an international border and has a common frontier with Pakistan at the northwestern fringe. The state of Gujarat is known all over the world for its holy temples, historic capitals, wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, hill resorts, fascinating handicrafts, mouth watering cuisine and colourful lifestyle of the people of Gujarat. It is also the birth place of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and so one of the major centre for Indian freedom struggle.

Profile of Gujarat

Area: 196,024 sq. km

Population: 50,596,992 < 2001 census>

Capital: Ghandinagar

Language: Gujarati, Hindi, Sindhi, Marathi

Climate: 27 – 42 degrees in summer, 14 – 29 degrees C in winter and monsoon is from June to September

Fair and Festivals of Gujarat

Gujarat fairs and festivals are well known world wide. It is due to the celebration of numerous fairs and festivals in Gujarat that it is also called the ‘Land of fairs and festivals’. All the fairs and festivals at Gujarat are governed by solar and lunar calendars and are mainly religious in nature. One striking feature of the fairs and festivals in Gujarat is that one can experience the cultural and religious diversity of the place. These are some of the important fair and festivals of Gujarat including Navratri Mahotsav, International Kite Festival, Holi, Deepawali, Bhadra Poornima Fair, Shamlaji Melo, Vautha Mela, Trineteshwar, Rathyatra. These fairs and festivals attract thousand of the tourisrt coming from different land and across the globe to come and witness the dense nature and culture of the State.

Adventure Tours

  • Gir National Park

    with this short tour to Sasan Gir National Park in Gujarat, explore the only natural habitat of lions outside Africa.

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  • Trekking

    Another outdoor activity in Gujarat that one can opt for is trekking. Trekking routes in Gujarat is- Saputara to Ahwa.

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  • Water Activities

    Simmer Beach, Ahmed Mandvi Beach, Nagoa Beach, Jalandhar Beach, Chorwad Beach, Chakratirth Beach and Goghala Beach are the well known

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  • Spiritual Heritage Walk

    Gujarat has some of the most vital Religious Spots which draws in the Hindu community here in masses. They visit

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