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Ahmedabad Excursion Tour

Ahmedabad is the major city in the whole state of Gujarat. It is positioned on the banks of river Sabarmati. Ahmedabad is the nucleus of trade and commerce in Gujarat. It is one of the leading tourist destination in India. Besides being address to a number of important industries, Ahmedabad also has a number of magnificent monuments, which takes you back to the great history and culture of the city.

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Meeting and assistance upon arrival as our representatives welcome you and escort you to your car. Later you will be taken for a n excursion tour visiting:

Vishala: Vishala is a small site which is situated about 5 kms from Ahmedabad. This place is built to detain the spirit of traditional Gujarati Vilaage and to focus the various types of Huts along with the clay paths. It was started as a vegetarian restaurant in 1978, but it has also included a small museum, live performances of music, dance and puppet shows as well as craftsman at work and an excellent shop. Pots, handloom linens, hand crafted shoes, clothes, brassware or embroidery are famous in the city and nearby places. One can enjoy food and have a look on the culture and traditions of Gujarat.

Later you will be taken to visit to another excursion site near Ahmedabad:

Sarkhej: Sarkhej is situated about 8 kms from Ahmedabad City and about 10 minutes drive from Vishala. This place was once a country drawback of the Muslim rulers. This place is well known for its fine architectural complex of mosques, palaces, pavilions and tombs, all these sites are grouped around a stepped tank. This style of complex building shows distinct Hindu influence.

Adalaj: Adalaj is situated at a distance of 17 kms in north of Ahmedabad. The step-well at Adalaj Vav is one of the finest step-well in India. This step-well was constructed by Queen Rudabai in 1499 to provide a cool and pleasant shelter for the travelers in the summer heat. Richly carved pillars and cross beams create open spaces and four storey are the most attractive and striking. The step-well is decorated with beautiful stone carvings.

Later in the evening, return back to Ahmedabad and then you will be taken to visit:
Kankaria Lake: Kankaria Lake is the biggest lake in the city. This place is the famous leisure place for the tourist. In the heart of the lake is an island patch with a summer palace known as Nagina Wadi. The lake is a popular amusement center, surrounded by parks, an aquarium, a boat club, a natural historical museum and a zoo.

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