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Bhuj Excursion Tour 2

Bhuj is a perfect starting point to visit the Rann of Kutch. It was founded in the year 1510 by a local ruler Maharao Hamir. The town had a prosperous and vivacious history. This town has got one huge lake named "Hamirsar" and several small lakes. It has one big lake named Hamirsar and several small lakes. It has got his name from the fortress called Bhuia that overlooks the city.

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Meeting and assistance upon arrival as our representatives welcome you and escort you to your car. Later you will be taken to visit:

The Kuchch Museum: This museum was formerly known as the "Ferguson Museum". This museum was built in 1877 and has a good gathering of artifacts which depicts the history and culture of Bhuj. It is also the oldest museum in the Gujarat.

Later, we will proceed to our excursion sites of Bhuj visiting:

Khavda/Banni: Khavda is a village at a distance of about 72.2 km from Bhuj. This is the last village on the border. This place is a Desert-land of vast dimensions, and in its middle there are many old-fashioned little villages. This place is famous for crafts work, giving their historic traditional art. The ornaments, clothes, utensils, and daily use items is the main attraction of this place.

Later in the afternoon, we will continue to our next destination visiting:

Kalo Dungar: Kalo dungar is located at a distance of about 18 km from Khavda and 89.2 km from Bhuj. The Black Hills of Kutch are the major tourist attraction. The low hills and hillocks (separated from a large group of hills) provide the beauty and charm to the rann. Kalo dungar is the tallest and the most visited hillock in Kutch. This Hillock is gifted with a shrine dedicated to Lord Dattatreya on the top. By visiting at the top of the hillock, one can have a magnificent view of the Rann.

Later in the evening, we will return back to Bhuj.

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