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Varodara Excursion Tour

Vadodara is the city of Indian state of Gujarat. The city holds a number of natural splendor and glorious history. There are huge number of tourist places and a large number of tourist come and visit to view the city's treasure trove. This is a lovely city of palaces, parks, temples and museums. It is also known as "Baroda" and known as the cultural capital of Gujarat.

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Meeting and assistance upon arrival as our representatives welcome you and escort you to your car. Later you will be taken for an excursion tour visiting:

Pavagadh: Pavagadh is a mountainous place also known as "Pavagadh Hills" which is about 50kms from Vadodara. These hills are located near the historical town of Champaner. The main attraction of this place is the beautiful mosques like Jama Masjid and Shah-ki-Masjid. These mosques were built in early years under Muslim Rule.
This hill leads to the hill top temple of the Goddess Kali, who is the personification of the Goddesses Parvati, Durga, and Sati as "Shakti" or "power".

Later you will be taken to your next destination "Rajpipla"

Rajpipla: Rajpipla is a beautiful natural site situated at a distance of about 113 km from Pavagadh. The main attractions are the beautiful palaces, several forest areas and renowned Sardar Sarovar Dam nearby.

Later you will be taken to your next excursion site "Kayavarohan"

Kayavarahon: This place is popularly known as "Karvan". Kayavaroahn is located on NH-8. This place is popular as a place of pilgrimage as well as a picnic spot. A beautiful temple has been constructed which is devoted to Lord "Shiva". Artifacts belonging to the 2nd century have also been excavated from here.

Later in the evening, we will return back to Vadodara and visit "Kirti Mandir" and "Sayaji Bagh"

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