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Located in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, Palitana is one of the foremost pilgrims of the Jain community. Untainted from the sins of humans, Lord Adinath first unveiled this immaculate spot. He climbed this mountain 99 times and meditated under Ryan tree. Two crests secured with places of worship you have the Jain journey focus of Patitana on the Shatrunjay Hill. There are 900 sanctuaries of all shapes and sizes on the two summits. The figures that embellish the marble pilgrims exhibit a feast to the eyes. You require not be a Jain to respect the scene. Eras of Jain everywhere throughout the nation have helped their might to make Shatrunjay Hill what it is today. Of the whole lot, the most devouted of temple is that of Adishwar "first tirthankar", festooned with motifs.

The other vital temples are that of the Sampriti Raja, Kumarpal, Vimal Shah. It is the devout passion of every Jain to trek atop this mountain to attain eternity in their lifetime. The devotees stroll up the mountain on the stairway carved into it. The code for the climbers is inflexible, in keeping with the rigors of the Jain confidence. Sustenance must not be consumed or carried on the way. The descent must start before it is nighttime, for no spirit can stay on the hallowed mountain amid the night. While on the mountain, one can visit a Muslim sanctum of Angar Pir. The childless ladies look for the Pir's gifts to be honored with kids. They offer miniature cradles to the Pir and the altar is strewn with such cradles. It is said all the Jain Tirthankars, aside from Neminath, had achieved nirvan on Shatrunjay Hill. This adds to the reverence the ardent have for the spot. The spot is accordingly called Siddhakshetra where one accomplishes moksh.

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