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Privacy Policy for Gujarat Four Wheel Drive Tours and its group of companies:
The personal information we collect from you such as your name, address, telephone number and mobile phone number, is protected by law under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the National Privacy Principles. This statement outlines the privacy policy for Gajarat Four Jaipur Wheel Drive Toursand how we collect, use and disclose your personal information.


We are Gujarat four wheel Drive Tours and its subsidiary, holding company and related entities, and their respective company officers and employees. We: Operate a car booking and dispatch service for the members of the White Cab fleet and for cab users. OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU Our commitment is to provide you with prompt, efficient Cab, or other services and in order to do that, we need to obtain personal information from you.


Collection You are entitled to ask, either at the time of collection or subsequently, what information about you is being collected, why it is being collected and how it will be used. In addition, where you pay a cab fare or another fee by credit card where the car is one which is operated by us, for another service which we provide, then we will have a record of your credit card particulars. In order to ensure that we provide you with the services which you require we need to collect personal information from you. We collect this information directly from you when you telephone us requesting a service or when you contact us through the internet or by using one of our mobile telephone applications. Generally, that information will be collected from you but if you have someone contact us on your behalf, then we will take the necessary personal particulars from the person who contacts us on your behalf. That will generally involve the collection of your name and a contact number and may include your personal address. It may also involve collection of other personal information such as your email address, phone number or other details. We may also record telephone booking communications with you as a training management tool.



1. Your name.
2. Your telephone number and/or mobile phone number.
3. Your email address or sms number.
4. Your address.
We also retain that information which is searchable by contact numbers in our database so that if you subsequently contact us for a subsequent service, we are able to provide that service to you speedily without the need for you to have to provide the information again. The collection and retention of that information also assists us to resolve any complaint or concern that you might have with any taxi service which we provide. Where you have a complaint or concern regarding a service provided by a member of Gujarat Four Wheel Drive Tours. In addition to the above services, we also use that information to notify you in circumstances where we may be offering additional services or changes to services.


The personal information which we collect about you is placed in our database. It can be accessed from that database by our trained operators for the purposes of providing you with subsequent cab or other services or to address any queries or concerns which might arise in relation to an existing service which is being provided to you. Some of the personal information may also be provided to the driver of the cab or other vehicle which is dispatched to you for the provisions of cab or other services so as to ensure that the cab driver collects the correct passenger.

In addition, we may use your contact details from time to time to:

• Advise you of any new services or any changes to existing services
• To advise you of the discontinuation of any service
• To carry out business marketing surveys so as to enable us to gauge your level of satisfaction with our existing taxi services
• To see what we can do to improve our services to our customers
• To provide information to Cab charge and to credit card operators where there are any billing queries involving those entities
• Where we are obliged to, or are authorized to, release information under any law
• Where there is a serious and imminent threat to an individual's life, health or safety
• For quality assurance purposes.
Your personal information may also be used for any secondary purposes which are directly or indirectly related to the above primary purposes of collection. Those secondary purposes will include training, billing, and liaison with government regulators.


We will generally keep your information indefinitely so that the information will be readily available on each occasion where you contact us seeking the provision of a taxi service. However, we will not keep our records of such personal information where you have; Requested us to remove that personal information.


• We take precautions to secure your personal information including
• Storing paper or hard copy files in filing cabinets or in allocated filing rooms which are locked overnight
• Ensuring only authorized personnel have access to your records; Password - protecting the electronic files
• Keeping computer backup copies in a secure location.


For the purpose of signing up to some of our online services including apps you may be required to nominate a user name and password. You are responsible for the security of your password and log-in information. You can play an important role in keeping your personal information secure by maintaining the confidentiality of any passwords used on our website. Please notify us immediately if there is any unauthorized use of your account by any other Internet user or any other breach of security.


We will continue to evolve as we introduce new services and features to our Web site or to the services we provide. Because of this, from time to time, our policies will be reviewed and may be revised. We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of the policy on the Web site. If you object to any changes, you may discontinue your use of the services. The amended Privacy Policy will apply between us whether or not we have given you specific notice of any change.


Our website may have links to other websites. Once you link from our website to another website, you will be subject to the privacy policy of the new website. We cannot be responsible for any personal information which you provide to any website which is linked with our website.

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