Gujarat Four Wheel Drive

Gujarat has some of the most vital Religious Spots which draws in the Hindu community here in masses. They visit these spots in any event once in their lifetime. Even the NRI's and Foreign Tourist visit these spots for its exceptional Religious convictions. The best way to canvas these is with our custom designed package of Spiritual tour.

The destinations that we cover are:

Jyotirlingas at Somnath Temple and Dwarkadhish Temple:

Somnath, this temple in Junagadh is believed to enshrine the first of all the Jyotirlings (Lord Shiva's solid form). It is the seventh temple feigned to honor the grandness of Lord Somnath who was known as Bhairaveshwar in yajur Yug, Shravanikeshwar in Treta Yug and Shrigaleshwar in Dwaparyug. Dwarka (Jamnagar locale) in antiquated Anarta (Saurashtra) was the capital of Lord Krishna's physical kingdom. It is dedicated to the pageants of Lord Krishna. Pavagadh is yet another rooted and religious spot at the pedestal town of Champaner. Pavagadh alongside Champaner and Marchi is an UNESCO world legacy site. The slope of Pavagadh ascents from Champaner in three stages and this level lies at a height of 1,471 feet. Mount Girnar at Junagadh, is likewise one of the holiest of the shrines for Hindu religious austerity and Jains. There is an acclaimed akhada of sadhus at its base. Numerous sadhaks and progressed souls have let their lives go on the mountain, outstandingly - the Jain tirthankar Neminath, adding to its holiness. A national level competition for Youth is composed for climbing and plummeting to the 5500 steps out of 9990 steps of the Mount Girnar temple.
This spiritual tour becomes even more delightful when experienced on foot, to inculcate that we visit Ahmedabad wherein we conduct the Heritage walk.
Ahmedabad is the consequence of hundreds of years of development in the process of which new components are continually added with the more established ones. The urbanization in this city has not subdued the legacy of this place. The Heritage Walk in Ahmedabad provides you an impression of its heavenly history, custom and the unstaunched structural engineering.

The Heritage walk begins from the Swaminarayan Temple in Kalupur after a short slide show to this place we ramble to the next destination. The walk unveils the custom and history ingrained in the walls of this city. The grand Indo-Islamic building design intrigues the tourist to a new level. The walk brings you near the spirit of a city which has a rich material legacy, unpredictably outlined spots of love, wooden carved places and more. The walk closures in the brilliant Jumma Masjids, canvassing in the middle of the heritage walk are the various pols, havelis and chabaturas (winged animal feeders), secret entries, decorative veneers and administrative center of artisans. The primary stop takes on at Kavi Dalpatram Chowk which was home to the incredible nineteenth century Gujarati writer in Lambeshwar Pol. A gander at the Calico Dome portrays the prominence of Ahmedabad. The extremely old Kala Ramji Mandir in the Haja Patel in pol with an exceptional icon of Lord Rams in dull shade gives an inherent feeling towards the deity.

Come dwell in the spirituality and the splendor of the Glory of Gujarat in the spiritual tour with the Heritage walk.




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